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Wired vs wireless security systems – Which is better for your rental property


Good features in your property can help you attract great tenants. Many people feel more secure with a security system in their home. So, if you’re thinking about installing a security system in your rental property, is a wireless or wired security system better?

There are two types of security systems – wired security systems and wireless security systems. In today’s article, we will tell you the difference between wired and wireless security systems, and how to choose the right system for your rental property.


Wired security system

A wired security system consists of electric lines or wires, which connect each device of the security system. This type of security system can monitor both homes and offices. A wired security system connects detectors and sensors to the alarm control panel or central processing unit “CPU” through copper wires.

A hardwired security system can be beneficial in large buildings or apartments. In larger spaces, long distances between control panels and sensors can make wireless security systems impractical. In a wired security system, the wiring between the CPU or control panel and devices such as cameras and alarms remain intact, they interface easily.


Pros And Cons Of A Wired Security System

  • Pro – Useful for larger spaces
  • Pro – Difficult to hack
  • Con – High cost of installation 
  • Con – May not have app integration 


Wireless Security System

A wireless security system includes cameras, sensors, alarms – which are connected through Wi-Fi or radio frequency technology. As the name indicates, this type of security system does not use any wires.


Pros And Cons Of A Wireless Security System

  • Pro – Quick Installation
  • Pro – Remote access and control
  • Con – Easier to hack
  • Con – May not suit larger spaces


So, which type of security system should I choose for my rental property? Read on to find out