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6 Ways to Prepare Your Drains for Floods in Auckland

Auckland city is a large and busy city that is always developing and growing to be bigger and better. It has also been experiencing heavy storms, cyclones, and floods. Being positioned right near the ocean, it’s easy for water to overflow onto the roads and into the city. Having working drains can help lessen the risk of homes being flooded. If you own a home in Auckland or are renting,

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When DIY becomes DDIY – DON’T Do It Yourself

When it comes to plumbing, gas, guttering and drainage, there are a lot of restrictions on what non-qualified people can do. DIYers could land themselves in legal trouble if they are not correctly informed on what they can do and what requires a professional. ‘The Block’ effect Reality TV shows inspire people to get stuck into their own renovations, but the general public should not be carrying out DIY when

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How to Unblock a Drain by Yourself

When your stormwater or sewer drain is not doing its job, it might be due to a blocked stormwater drain or a clogged soak hole. Either way, you will need to unblock it, or call in a plumber or drainlayer. The Auckland City Council has a stormwater infrastructure consists of: 6000km of pipes 45,000 manholes 6700 catchment pits more than 900 treatment devices. Auckland City Council are clear that they

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What Are The Different Types Of Drainage Systems Used In Buildings?

In the modern-day, drainage systems include all kinds of piping systems by drainlayers for conveying rainwater, sewage, or other liquid waste into a disposal system. The main objective of the drainlaying process is collecting, transporting and disposing of water through an outlet or an outfall. This maintains a healthy environment that is suitable for inhabitants.  Drainage systems are mainly designed for disposing of wastewater. It prevents gas from septic tanks or sewers

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