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6 Ways to Prepare Your Drains for Floods in Auckland


Auckland city is a large and busy city that is always developing and growing to be bigger and better. It has also been experiencing heavy storms, cyclones, and floods. Being positioned right near the ocean, it’s easy for water to overflow onto the roads and into the city.

Having working drains can help lessen the risk of homes being flooded. If you own a home in Auckland or are renting, here is how to prepare your drains from possible floods in Auckland:

Check your Drains

If you are living in Auckland and have received an alert for bad weather days in advance, that is the time to check your drains or even get a professional to check them for you. 

You need to check for any debris such as leaves or small branches that could be a problem by blocking your drains which can cause flooding when storms come.

Sometimes you won’t be able to see if your drains are blocked from the outside so it’s good to check what’s going on from within. 

You can do a simple check for this from within, by either sticking a long pole down the drain to see if there’s any tension or pouring water down to see if it comes back up.

Clear your Drains

No matter how clean or free of debris your drains are, you need to make sure that rainwater can easily pass through it with ease. Therefore clearing away branches, leaves, and rubbish from around the drain can also help to keep them from being blown over the drain when storms or heavy rain come. 

It’s also crucial to check your guttering and clear away the debris that may have accumulated. It’s as easy as scooping the debris from the drains and gutters and emptying it into a bucket.

If your drains are heavily blocked, contact a drainage professional to come and clear them before the heavy weather comes. It is good to get your drains cleared asap to ensure that you are going to be well protected when storms come.

If you have noticed that your drains are easily blocked, ask about how we can help find out the reasons why this may be occurring.

Guttering full of debris

Fix any Damages 

When it comes to damaged drains, even if it’s a small crack or a tiny bit of rust, make sure you have it fixed before heavy rain or storms, as the intense weather can worsen the damage.

It is advisable to get a professional to fix the damages however if they are not able to, using strong tape around damages such as tiny cracks or weak spots can help prevent more damage. Do not attempt to fix or replace your drains yourself as it could lead to more damage.

If you are concerned about your pipes and cannot get a drainage professional to your home in time, still contact them as they can give you advice over the phone on how to protect your drains from more damage.

Install a Drainage Grate

Installing a drainage grate can help prevent flooding as it helps clear away debris that occurs with heavy weather. Drainage grates are useful if you live in an area that is surrounded by trees or lots of greenery.

Drainage grates are commonly used in Auckland, especially over gutters by the side of the road, and can help prevent blockages and keep water flowing smoothly. 

If you have noticed that your drain is missing a drainage grate, contact a drain laying specialist to learn more.

Invest in Stormwater Landscaping Features

Depending on how heavy weather impacts your property, you may need to consider landscaping features such as berms or swales. 

Berms are tiny little hills that can help water flow away from your home. These can commonly be found alongside roads to keep them from being flooded. 

Swales are similar to berms but instead are used as natural grass tunnels to move water a certain way from your property. 

These are helpful to look into if you have a lot of empty land on or around your property that can be used to protect your home from flooding in an eco-friendly way.

Clean and Maintain Your Garden

To ensure that the least amount of debris is going toward your drains, clean and tidy your garden before a storm or heavy weather arrives. Having an unkempt garden can cause your drains to be blocked with more debris, therefore damaging them or causing flooding.

Maintaining our Garden Can Include:

-Mowing the lawns regularly

-Weeding the garden and keeping plants under control

-Cutting away hanging branches from trees

-Trimming hedges or bushes on a regular basis

-Removing rocks or stones that may come loose and cause blockages


Storms and heavy weather can be unpredictable with what they may do to your property. By ensuring that your drains are prepared for heavy rains and floods, you can protect your Auckland home and your family.