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Top 12 tips for home renovations that can add the most value to your home


If you’re New Zealand home owner and you want to renovate your home and add more value to it, the I am glad that you’re reading this article. If you’re thinking of selling your house in the near future, renovating your house can drastically increase the value of your home and you could get a good price for your home.

But the question arises where do you start renovating your house, do you first start with fixing the roof, or paint your interior walls or fix the floor, where do you start??? In this article we will look at all the details about home renovations that can help you increase the value of your property.

Give the interior a fresh coat of paint

Putting a fresh coat of paint on your walls and ceilings can make your house look clean and brand new. If there’s any nail holes in the wall, fill it up and paint it. Also make sure that you leave the walls clean, I mean don’t hang any posters and photo frames. Because when the home buyer comes looking at your house, an empty wall is like a canvas where the buyer can design and decorate the walls as he wishes.

So painting your walls, if you’re good at DIY stuff, then go ahead and buy some paints and do it yourself. But If you’re not sure what you’re doing, then please it to a professional painter. Hire a professional painter. I know it can be expensive, but at the end you’re get your return on investment when you sell your house.

Fix the Flooring

One of the best renovations for your house includes repairing small section of your flooring. Look for cranky, squeaky floor boards, broken tiles or stained carpet throughout the whole house, also pay attentions to the doors, make sure that they don’t make a noise when opening or closing the doors. Make sure that your whole house flooring is fixed, because when the buyer moves in, he does not want to make any replacement when they move in.

So fixing your floor can increase the value of your home and help you get a good price for your home.

Lightly remodel the kitchen

Renovating your kitchen can create a good impression on your home buyer when they come looking at your house. Because when a home buyer comes to your house, definitely they’ll hangout around the kitchen for tea or coffee. So you should definitely consider renovating your kitchen. It can be a very expensive renovating your whole kitchen and you might not get a good return on investment. But you can do partial kitchen renovations. This can help you get good return on investment for less cost. Look out for small things like cabinet doors, upgrading drawer handles and replacing the sink. Also consider replacing countertops, backsplash, update the files on the walls. Do this and you’ll get a good price for your house.

Replace the Garage Doors

Replacing the garage doors to a modern automated door can add good impression on the home buyer. Try to install garage doors that matches with the design of your home. Try to install steel or aluminum garage doors and these don’t require much maintenance work compared to a wooden garage door.

Replacing the Windows

Replacing the windows at your home can improve the look and functionality of your home from the inside out. When replacing windows try to get the high-quality glasses.

You could also seperate spaces by installing shutters. Shutters do make your house look modern and nice. Also if you have large windows you can install blinds as well. Try venetian blinds, they fit really well for large windows. They are very easy to use and you can control the amount of lighting you want in your house by just rotating the blinds.

Repair or replace the roof

Nobody likes to move into a place and later find out that the roof is leaky. So before your sell your home, always make sure to check your roof, if you find some part of the roof leaking, repair it.

If you’re thinking of re-roofing your house, consider installing corrugated roofing sheet. It’s worth installing high quality roofing sheet, that will increase the lifetime of your roof.

Remodel your existing bathrooms

This another thing to consider renovating (your bathroom) because bathrooms are one of the rooms that home buyer will take notice when looking at a house. Renovating your whole bathroom can be quite expensive. But you can get away with it. Some tips would be Don’t replace the bath tub or shower. Instead pay for making the bath tub look great and clean. Also consider changing the tiles in the bathroom. That’ll will make a good impression on the home buyer.

Replace lighting fixtures and ceiling fans

Consider replacing the ceiling fans and light bulbs. This can make the house look bright.

Add more modern smart home appliances

Adding in more smart home appliances like smart Heat Pumps or Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Lights, Energy saving kitchen appliances, wireless security systems. Adding in smart home appliances can increase the total value of your home.

Adding an extra bathroom.

Also adding an extra bathroom to your house does increase the property value. It’s good to have the number of bathrooms match the number of bedrooms in your home but adding an extra bathroom, makes it more awesome as when you’ve got guests they can use, and it also makes a good impression on your home buyer say, “oh… they’ve got an additional bathroom”.

These are some of the ideas that you use to renovate your house before selling your house. Hope these ideas have been helpful to you.

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