Home Maintenance

Tips for boosting your home security in 2021


The 2021 holiday season is upon us and it’s time to review and boost your home security, whether that be at your main home or a holiday beach. 

Secure the doors

Make sure that all doors that lead into the house are properly sealed with a locking mechanism. An option you can use is a deadbolt, which secures front and back doors. Make sure the doors have sturdy locks that are still functioning well. If you think it is time to upgrade, get some advice from a trusted locksmith on the options available to you.  

Lock the windows

A way you can make windows more secure is to attach a window latch to stop unwanted entry. Having all windows in the property sealed tightly helps to reduce the risk that a burglar can pry open the window or force the latch off completely. Make sure you close the curtains at night and when you are not at home to stop burglars from looking inside your home to search for valuable items to steal.

Light up the landscape

Lighting up the landscape can help boost your home security. This removes the places where burglars can lurk and hide on your property, making it less appealing to be targeted by burglars. This can also benefit security cameras by enabling a higher chance of identifying burglars.

Set up a security system

By setting up a security system on your property you can monitor the security of your home and also record any attempts to trespass your property. Security cameras can deter a burglar, but their main purpose is to aid in catching them as well.

Having alarm monitoring implemented into your security system will boost your home security by detecting burglars and notifying you directly through a house alarm. 

Don’t forget the garage

Do not forget to secure your garage. Regardless of whether your garage is attached to the home or is an external building, ensure that your garage is secure with appropriate measures put in place. Make sure the garage door is of a high quality so that it cannot be simply lifted open. Use window locks or door locks on any windows or doors that access the garage from outside. 

With these tips applied effectively, you can be assured that your home security levels have increased. This can help give you peace of mind that your property and the contents inside are safe and secure.