Home Maintenance

How To Maintain Door Locks Without A Locksmith


When doing maintenance for your house, door locks are one of the must-dos on the list. Having a locksmith take care of the maintenance can be expensive, so here are some ways to maintain the door locks yourself. 

Let’s begin with the door 

The door lock doesn’t stand on its own, it’s a part of the door, so maintaining the lock also means checking the door. Doors that sag or bind will create pressure on the lock, resulting in a jammed or broken lock. 

A correctly hung door should be able to open and close with ease. Remember to also measure the gap between the door and its frame. This gap should be no more than a quarter of an inch. 

Remember to lubricate the lock

Lubricating the lock is one of the most effective tricks to keep your door working smoothly, but it is often overlooked by homeowners. You don’t have to lubricate door locks too frequently, a few times a year is enough. 

Choosing the right lubricant is important to make sure that you are not doing more harm to the locks. Graphite powder, silicone, and Teflon-based lubricants are recommended, as they lubricate effectively without attracting dust and dirt. Also, make sure that you always follow instructions from the lock’s manufacturer. 

To lubricate your locks, simply apply a small amount into the lock, the front and rear of the hinges. Then, put the key in and out a few times and wipe off the excess. 

Test the screws for tightness

Next on the checking list are the hinges and strike plates. 

The key thing here is to make sure that the hinges and strike plates are nicely attached to the door frame with a long screw. Having a three-inches screw for each hinge and strike plate will prevent the door from sagging and make it harder to break into, therefore better supporting the lock. 

Be careful with your key

Despite not being a component of the lock, a stuck key can sometimes be the reason why you have to call a locksmith. There are a few things you should and should not do to keep the locks working longer and spend less money on locksmithing services: 

  • Always have more than one key. The second key will help you not to get locked out, make the replacement easier when your key is broken, and many more reasons that you haven’t thought of. 
  • DON’T pull your key. I’m sure that everyone has once called a locksmith because the key is broken inside the lock, which happens if you pull your key too hard when opening or locking the door. Pulling the key also means putting more pressure on the lock and eventually breaking it, so just don’t do it. 


Avoiding stuck locks is not hard, it can even be as easy as using the key gently. Other things to keep in mind include regularly checking on the door, the hinges, and strike plates, and remembering to lubricate the lock.