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Save more water and be efficient in your kitchen by installing infrared sensor taps at your home


Modern technology has introduced many innovations to our home. In the
kitchen aside from modern electrical appliances, technologically advanced
features of ordinary fixture helped us do our job faster. For our faucets, infrared
sensor taps can keep the faucet clean even if our hands are messy. We can also
turn on the faucet even if our hands are full with a just as simple touch
anywhere on the spout or faucet. This provides convenience while working in the

Infrared technology is what makes sensor taps work. The infrared light is
in the middle of the visible and the microwave portions of the electromagnetic
and. Infrared radiation can be harnessed from heat or any object that has
thermal radiation. All objects are emitting infrared energy, but those that are
not hot enough are emitting them in infrared form. Our body radiates infrared

So how does this infrared technology work on sensor taps?

When an object, our hands, comes with the range of the infrared’s detection zone, the
valve of the faucet will be activated by removing the obstruction within. Once
the user removes their hands within the zone, the valve closes. Then the
circuit in the valve automatically resets and is ready for next use.

In some applications, the settings in the sensor taps can be adjusted
with a remote control. This includes the response time of the sensor and the
time allotted for the water stream.

The benefits of the sensor taps in your home obviously undeniable, here
are the highlights of what sensor taps can do for you.

Water conservation

Sensor taps can help you save water because as compare to manual taps, it has a low
flow rate. A rough estimate of about 300 ml to 1 liter of water is lost during
continuous flow like in manual tap. Sensor taps can save you about 70% on your
usual water consumption.

Energy Savings

Although sensory taps operate on electricity, the amount it requires is only around 6 to
12 volts depending on the brand that you will consider. This consumption is
unavoidable but the savings come in the form of how you have set your sensory
taps. Unlike in traditional faucet where you have to adjust the flow and
temperature in every use, infrared red sensor taps do not waste energy.

The infrared sensor taps have a constant temperature, and you can adjust
the flow rate depending on its usage. This will prevent energy consumption on
every usage.

Some electricians have developed expertise on the best ways you can save power, and may be able to help reduce your home power bill in other ways as well.


Water and energy efficiency combined can help reduce the amount of bill in your homes. A study conducted in
Britain proves that with the installation of infrared sensory taps, it helps
reduce the consumption of water by 30 to 50 percent from the average 360 liters
of water consumed every day.

With sensor taps we can have a cleaner bathroom and sink area, as the splashes when we turn on the taps are
not possible. The constant flow rate keeps the water in the sink and not
anywhere else.

Installation of infrared sensor taps in the kitchen particularly can help prevent cross-contamination.
With its hand’s free function; there is no need for your dirty hands to touch
the faucet.

It offers convenience for those who are disabled or with ailments like arthritis. Since bathrooms and
kitchen sink faucets can be easily operated, children can clean after
themselves easily too.

There are plenty of options when choosing the right infrared sensor taps
into your home. Our best advice is for you to analyze the options available in
the market. The automatic tap has many specifications like those that the type
of power supply needed, the water pressure, the flow rate and the temperature.
If you are in Wanganui, the automatic tap market is thriving and we
recommend that you pay attention to the best products that can provide you the
optimum benefits.

The infrared sensor taps can also come in different types of
installation. There is wall mounted and deck- mounted, some come in
battery-operated or can be connected to the main power and a few high-end
brands comes with high-quality components and contemporary design to fit your
requirements. The price, therefore, depends on the specifications you want.
However, there are also affordable options in the market; you only have to
choose the right one.

Another piece of advice is for you to consult your local Wanganui plumbing company
or hardware to look for the best option and installation. Take note of the
materials, as it should be of high quality to prevent corrosion and water
leakage, must last long and with safe use of connections.

Clearly, infrared sensor taps have many benefits to offer as if it is
environment-friendly, cost saver and provides constant flow and accessibility
to users. Switching now from your manual taps to this option is the best
decision you can make for your home.