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5 Key Points To Consider Before Hiring Your Master Electrician In Christchurch


Electrical work for your property, be it a residential or commercial property, is not something that should be taken for granted. This is because a mere fault in the wiring process could trigger fires and cause massive property damage, if not loss of lives.

For this reason, it is always important to hire a professional electrician to do the job. But as we know, drawing the line between a professional electrician and a ordinary electrician is not that easy sometime  and that’s when you need to start asking some questions before hiring your would-be electrician.
In simple words, you should keep in mind the following five essential points before hiring a registered electrician in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Insurance Proof

The residential electrician Christchurch who visits your home to perform any XYZ task for your home should be insured. Are you confused as to why their insurance plays a significant role while working in our homes? If something goes wrong like if any damage is caused to your home sweet home then for that, who would be responsible?
Similarly, in any foreseen circumstances, if you or your family members face any harm, then what would happen? It is important to remember that in all these cases their insurance companies will be paying it and it is not your responsibility. Thereby, if an electrician is unable to show you the insurance proof, you should not hire him.


The most important aspect while selecting your Electrician Christchurch is to check his or her license. The problem is that everyone tells that they possess a license. However, it is quintessential that they show it you while visiting your home. As there are some electricians who do not possess any license.
The one you hire will purely depend on the license you see and also you should check whether it is valid or not. There are various types of licenses like master and journeyman license. The master license comprises of both design and installation works whereas in the journeyman the electrician has a limitation as he/she can only install electric features.


When any person is entering your home premises, it is necessary to cross-check their work from previous clients. There is no harm in asking for references and further, it is your right to ask for a reference checklist. Also, it is not required to think ten times before making the calls; you can pick the phone and dial the calls instantly.
You can inquire with the previous clients, how the service and experience was, whether they were satisfied by service given by the registered Electrician Christchurch. This important step helps you in selecting the right person and thereby helps you in better decision making.


Hiring is a painstaking task when you want the required Christchurch master electrician with so many essentials. The list of eligibility includes a license, insurance, and also experience. Another significant aspect which needs to be considered is that the person hired should be economical in your pockets too.
If an electrician is quoting too high, then why waste the time. If they quote below the average pricing, they might not be able to give the desired quality. Henceforth, the professional master electrician should be one who gives you the competitive and fair pricing and also can be trusted.


Generally, not every electrical work requires permits. However, there are Christchurch electrical companies who are open to getting the permit you desire. The added advantage of permits is that the costing is less as compared to one who doesn’t work with permits.
Don’t forget to ask the electrician whether they get the permits or not? If an electrician tells you to get the permit, that’s a red flag right there and such should be dismissed immediately. Definitely, you would not like to burn holes in your pockets and also be safe, then don’t waste time and hire the right one.

Advantages of Professional Electricians

There are multiple benefits when hiring a professional electrician as compared to the ordinary electrician in Christchurch, New Zealand. The first and foremost priority is your safety. The electrical work is extremely dangerous and if there are untrained personnel then rather than acting as your protective shield, they will act as risks. Further, the professionals guarantee you quality work with their wisdom and experience.
If a novice electrician is working then there are high probabilities that the desired job may not be done correctly in the first time and require last minute fixing or multiple working. How can we forget the cost and time wasted due to the beginners’ inefficiency, and lack of the desired expertise? So, before it is too late, hire the right Christchurch Electrical company to help you sail through.