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Why You Need To Get Pool Fencing For Your Pool


Although it’s currently winter in New Zealand, people’s thoughts turn to spending time in the summer outdoors enjoying the sunshine and good company. A popular activity in the summertime is swimming, with many properties across the Tauranga region having swimming pools. 

While pools are a great way to enjoy the summer, they can also be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. Pool fencing in Tauranga homes is one way to help keep people safe around pools, and there are many benefits to having a pool fence installed.

Pool Fencing Can Prevent Accidents 

One benefit of pool fencing is that it can help to prevent accidental drownings. According to Water Safety New Zealand, “In 2019, the average rate for under five drownings was four per year, of which two (50%) occurred in the home environment.” 

20 years of data show that these numbers are decreasing. This is due to a number of factors including swimming lessons being increasingly encouraged for youth both privately and in schools. 

However, pool fencing is a huge factor in keeping children from entering a pool area unsupervised. This helps reduce the number of under-five drownings, especially in a home environment.  

Pool Fencing Can Help Keep Your Pool Clean

Another benefit of pool fencing is that it can help to keep the pool area clean. When there is no fence, debris from the property can blow into the pool, and people can track dirt and grass into the area. 

This can make the pool more difficult to clean and can also lead to the spread of bacteria. A fence can help to keep the pool area clean and tidy.

Boundary Pool Fencing Can Give You More Privacy 

A boundary fence can provide a barrier between the pool area and the rest of the world, and this can help people to feel more comfortable and safe.

Privacy is often a factor that many pool owners consider when fencing their pool area. People walking or driving by can see into the area when the pool is not fenced appropriately.

Generally, a pool is located behind the property, to increase privacy. However, having a pool that is visible from the roadside can be an issue

This can be a deterrent for some who value their privacy and prefer not to be seen by the public when using their pool. 

In situations such as this, balustrades and glass pool fencing might not be a suitable option for the whole pool area as these fencing options still allow for high visibility. Consider utilising boundary fencing if applicable in conjunction with balustrades or glass pool fencing for more privacy

Before installing or changing your pool fence, consult a pool fencing expert and ensure that your options meet your needs and the legal requirements.

Pool Fencing Can Improve The Look Of A Pool

Most people think that the only reason to have a fence around a pool is for safety, but there are other benefits as well. A pool fence can improve the look of your pool and make it more private.

A well-designed pool fence can enhance the look of your pool area and add to the overall aesthetic of your property. 

The most common pool fencing options in Tauranga are aluminium balustrades or a modern glass panel fence. 

Choose a fencing option that not only provides the safety needed around the pool but complements your home and property.

Pool Fencing Can Increase The Value Of A Home

When it comes to home improvements that can add value to your property, pool fencing can sometimes be overlooked. 

Having a pool installed into your property is an attractive selling point for those seeking the luxury of having one. However, in order to get the maximum increase in property value from your pool, you should have secure and stylish pool fencing.


When it comes to selling your home, pool fencing can be a valuable selling point. Buyers will be reassured by the presence of a fence, knowing that their children and pets will be safe around the pool. As a result, pool fencing can add value to your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers.