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What is home security monitoring and is it worth it?


What is Home Security Monitoring?

Home Security is any security hardware installed in and around your home to protect you and your property from burglaries, fire, or any intrusion. These hardware systems can be as simple as doors and locks or more advanced like alarm systems, detectors, lighting, security cameras, that are installed inside and outside the house.

With the increase in breaks in, and forced entries, etc, people are going a step further to ensure their safety by using what we call home security monitoring. This is the method of monitoring the security hardware that has been installed in your property to make sure that it works properly and in case of an incident, immediate action is taken and the right authorities are informed.  There are plenty of service providers who provide home security monitoring services in New Zealand.

How does Home Security Monitoring work?

Your home/property is monitored via monitoring stations, where your home security systems generate a signal in case there is a breach or accident, and the monitoring station receives a signal from your alarm system about it. The personnel immediately get in touch with you to confirm whether the breach is real or not, and if you are not available, the right authorities are immediately informed about it.

So, what kind of situations are usually monitored?

Home security monitoring usually covers the following:

Burglaries and intrusion

In order to prevent intrusions and burglaries, perimeter protection devices are installed around the property and authorities notified in case of breach.

Smoke and Fire Detection

Hard-wired smoke detectors are installed and the monitoring stations are notified in case a signal is alerted. This is not possible with a traditional fire alarm.

Emergency/Panic Alerts

You are given a panic button, which you can use in case of an emergency. The monitoring service provider receives the panic signal and informs the right authorities for you.

Is Home Security Monitoring worth it?

According to Safe Wise, 95% of burglaries take place during the day when you at work or away on holiday and most break ins occur by force. Having home security systems reduces the chances of the burglary, and home security monitoring reduces it even more.

With regard to personal protection, if you live alone, or are alone at home a lot, it is best to have home security monitoring, including emergency panic buttons, intrusion alerts, etc.

If you have a home security system, having a home security monitoring is crucial, so that in case of an incident, appropriate and immediate action is taken to protect you and your property.