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Small safe for home and office use, with digital lock.

Do I Need A Home Safe?

Commonly, people think home safes are for wealthy people who need extra security for their money and precious items. However, everyone has cash and some non-monetary items of great value, including jewellery, documents, memorabilia, which are all worth protecting.  Let’s find out if you should consider buying a safe for your home. Benefits of having a safe at home Add an extra layer of protection The most significant advantage of

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The Best Home Safes of 2020

Steelwater Fireproof Safe Features include:  Adjustable shelf and removable drawer Combination lock connecting two locking bolts Two layers of heavy steel to prevent robberies   Chubb Elements Alpha Plus 38 Safe Features include:  Safes with double walled construction   Interior LED light    Programmable electronic lock   Verifi Smart Safe Features include:  FBI-certified fingerprint sensor   Built-in interior light   PicoPower technology to limit power consumption   Stalwart Digital Safe Features include: 

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