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External Screens in Hamilton


External Screens are great for providing protection from solar heat, wind, rain and insects on your balcony or patio. Maximise the use of your outdoor areas with External Screens to provide more privacy and protection from the natural elements. These screens will add style and value to your balcony or patio, while allowing airflow and view retention.


There are three types of External Screens.

  • Straight Drop – the traditional external screen style where it provides protection from wind, sun and UV rays. The Straight Drop External Screen is strapped down or lock bolted to the floor to secure the base.
  • Cable Guide – a contemporary design on the traditional external screen, the Cable Guide External Screen uses marine-grade stainless steel cable to tension the fabric. Great for use at coastal or beachfront houses.
  • Side Tension Channel – a version of the traditional external screen, where the sides are fully secured. It can provide you with full enclosure on a patio or balcony, perfect for insect resistance and protection from sun/UV rays and wind. No need to close those doors or windows on hot summer days.

External Screens are perfect for outdoor areas such as patios, balconies and decks.

If you’re looking for external screens in Hamilton, contact Waikato Shutters & Blinds.